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The great laksa debate will rage eternal but since Mr To left the building at To's in North Sydney, the mantle has been handed to Malay Chinese Takeaway. Not too rich, not too oily, the laksa here (from $8.20) is slick and packed with flavour.
The (Sydney) Magazine - Sydney Morning Herald, (October 2009)

"Lunchtime queues are common here, so itís worth arriving slightly outside peak times. Despite the name, much of the business is eat-in at laminate tables and plastic chairs and the service is pretty swift. The king prawn and chicken laksa lemak ($11) features tender slices of breast meat, a few fat, firm-flesh prawns and rice vermicelli in a slightly sweet soup. Chilli spicing is in the medium range but can be boosted with the excellent sambal from the ceramic jar on the front counter."
Sydney Morning Herald (28/07/2009)

"You'll need to psyche yourself to be patient at this ever-popular hawker joint, with a crowd spanning everyone from students to suits snaking their way up the inelegant stairway. Given you're not here for the ambience think Laminex, utilitarian and once-white walls this family-run eatery must be doing something right. Fans will swear the laksa is the best in town, but really the whole range of soups pass our test, all under $10. Classics like mee siam, Hainanese chicken, gado gado and kapitan chicken $6.50-$8.70 are all on offer and there's a selection of sambals, rendang and a superior har mee prawn noodle soup $8.50. Place your order, take a number and wait for it to be called. Once you've eaten, you'll understand why it's worth the wait. See you in the queue."
Sydney Eats 2007

"At lunchtime in this great city of ours you can lose yourself for a moment. "Am I in Sydney or Singapore?" you cry. "KL or the CBD?" Deep in the enclosed spaces buried beneath, beside and behind our mighty office towers you will find little pockets of South-East Asia, where soy sauce and shrimp paste fill the air and every city-bound Malaysian and Singaporean - and their co-workers of every other nationality - are feasting on the many specialties the Asian world has to offer. Watercooler chat often centres on the old "best laksa" question. Is it at Sayong in the arcade off Pitt Street? Of the Malaysian Food House in the Hunter Connection? Or is it this thriving enterprise where the lunchtime queues are way out the door? The mega bowls of laksa broth are tantalising, swimming with dark meaty chicken bits, spongy tofu and a bright red film of particularly lethal chilli sambal. The flavour is good, not too sweet and with a confident chicken whack. There is an interesting Sydney custom of adding cow's milk to the broth, dating back to the bad old days when you couldn't easily procure the coconut variety. And yes, that's one of the secrets here. A bowl is a bargain at $7.70. Bibs 30c extra.
Joanna Savill, The Sydney Morning Herald, (25/07/06)

“This is another contender for Sydney’s best laksa according to Malaysian-born Resch Sampanther, who says he even brings visitors from Malaysia here, “And they’re impressed too!” Resch (who’s a former chef and hospitality consultant) says they have the combination of broth and coconut just right here. He’s also keen on the char kway teow, which has a great smoky taste from the wok, just as it should. SBS colleague, Bruce Donald says “this is simply the very best laksa in the entire world,” but also likes their har mee (prawn broth) and nasi lemak, a dish of coconut rice served with rendang or other gravy dishes and ikan bilis (fried, dried anchovies).”

Joanna Savill, The SBS Eating Guide to Sydney (2005)

“Who are we to disagree with the staunch regulars who swear these Malay eateries dish up some of the best laksas in town? The Penang-style laksa is particularly good but we reckon the real star is the har mee, prawn noodle soup.”

Sydney Eats 2005

“When the budget says cheap and cheerful, Malay Chinese Takeaway is said to have the best laksa in town and their har mee goes off, so get there early.”

CityRail - Out & About in Sydney

“These take-aways are credited with doing Sydney’s best laksa and an excellent har mee (prawn noodle soup). Also good is the char kway teow redolent with the smokey taste of the wok.”

Mietta’s Australian Restaurants, Food &
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